Off The Showroom Floor And Straight On To The Dyno! (Rapid Blue C8 Corvette)

late model racecraft

Rapid Blue C8 Corvette goes from Showroom to Late Model Racecraft for their High Flow Cats and Cat Back Exhaust.

Also, you can see their is a speed limiter on the C8 Corvette at 102 MPH when the front lift is left up. However, normally when you drive the C8 Corvette it automatically lowers if you have the front lift at about 10 MPH.

Per their video:

We get a Rapid Blue C8 delivered to us straight from the dealership with the intent of receiving our complete exhaust system which includes high flow cats and our catback exhaust! Our system not only makes these cars sound like true sports car after install, but you also gain a solid 20rwhp and 20rwtq across the power band.


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