No More C8 Z06s for 2023?

brink of speed

In this video by Brink of Speed on YouTube his inside source that supplies parts to GM and Chevrolet for the C8 Corvette and CZ06 has told him the following:

  • Chevrolet will not produce any more C8 Z06s for the 2023 model year and maybe a few more for “Stock”
  • Chevrolet and GM won’t start production on the Corvette ERay until Sept 2023.
  • Chevrolet has been testing the C8 ZR1
  • The Chevrolet C8 ZR1 will be a Twin Turbo Flat Plane Crank Engine
  • There might be another GM strike like there was in 2020 that ruined the start of C8 Corvette production.

Check out the rest of their live stream as well as some of these new C8 Corvette Z06, ZR1, and Corvette Eray insider tips.

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