Van Chevrolet is Marking Up the C8 Z06 $85k!

c8 z06 mark up van chevrolet

In this video by the Car Review Guys he calls Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale, Arizona which is one of the top Corvette sales dealers in the country to see how to get on their C8 Corvette Z06 list.

In the call, the sale rep says you need to put $10k down, it’s going to be marked up $85,000 and there are about 30 people on their list.

This is lower than the last time The Car Review Guys reached out and it was a $20,000 deposit and a $100,000 mark up of the C8 Corvette Z06.

Chevrolet at the time of this post (April 2022) still hasn’t released pricing for the C8 Z06 but they confirmed on the phone call that is it comes out at $100k they would charge $85,000 more on top of that in the form of a mark up on the car. Another Arizona dealer Gateway Chevrolet has been known to mark up C8 Corvettes just like Van Chevy in Scottsdale. We actually posted another video we found on YouTube where Gateway Chevrolet was marking up a C8 Corvette $50,000.

C8 Corvette Z06 Mark Ups

What do you think of this video, the deposit amounts, and the mark ups? Just supply and demand? or General Motors should jump in and prohibit mark ups or potentially go direct to consumer route like Tesla and make dealers a service center only for software updates? (Comment below)

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