2022 C8 Corvette Allocations are announced for July orders

Check out this video from I Sell Corvettes YouTuber and Chevy salesperson as he provides the latest C8 Corvette news about Chevy dealers getting their 2022 C8 Corvette allocations.

Per his video description about 2022 C8 Corvette Allocations and C8 Corvette News

We received the July Cycle 2 consensus this morning letting us know how many Corvettes we can order next week for our first 2022 C8 models. I created some confusion it seems on the forum so I wanted to give my take on why I believe my expectations vs what I received differed from other larger dealers.

C8 Corvette Allocation Update – And a Nice Surprise Announcement!

3 thoughts on “2022 C8 Corvette Allocations are announced for July orders”

  1. Enjoyed your video.
    I have an order for a C8 with a small local dealer in NJ, which I placed in January, 2020.
    I have updated my order for a 2022 which the dealer forwarded to GM.
    The dealer is telling me that he can’t submit an allocation for this order until early September. He showed me on a GM web page, that dealers will receive allocations for 2022 C8’s in early September.
    Do you agree with this. I am first on the dealers list to receive a 2022. Thanks!

    1. Never believe what the dealership says. They usually sell to the highest bidder( assuming the GM himself or his wife or best friend or brother isn’t interested in the allocation yourself ). I called a dealer in SC and they were willing to sell me a spot ( that belongs to another customer) if I will pay $22,000 over the MSRP , I declined to pay that much ofcourse. But if I had accepted, then they would have kept the poor guy waiting. There’s no way to know what goes on behind the scenes with these dealerships. Wish you best of luck !

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