Performance Shop Trades in C8 Corvette for Tesla Plaid!

Tesla Plaid

Check out this video from Complete Street Performance owner Andrew where he trades in his C8 Corvette he used to build a Twin Turbo kit for the C8 and gets a Tesla Plaid!

I Traded My 2020 C8 Corvette For The Fastest Production Car In The World!

You know things are getting real with electric vehicles when a performance shop owner that has a business to mod and tune gas powered vehicles to perform as well or better than the Tesla Plaid.

This isn’t his first Tesla and probably won’t be his last as you see in the comments of his video a lot of “ICE” fans give him some push back but he’s embracing the American made electric vehicles made by Tesla now that that are coming from factory with a warranty “no mods” and running low 9 second quarter mile times with a 0-60 under 2 seconds.

As we posted recently having a C8 Corvette ourselves and having a Tesla plaid on order is the C8 Corvette platform ever going to be able to compete with the Tesla Plaid at this level? Will the new C8 Z06, C8ZR1, Zora or the C8 E-Ray have a chance?

Guess we will have to wait and see. Most car manufactures including Lamborghini and Audi have said all cars will be electric by 2025/2026.

Internal Combustion Engine will become a “classic” and history as we continue to move towards the EV revolution.

We even have to admit with being on 4 C8 Z06 lists we dropped off one of them because of the Tesla Plaid taking some of the excitement away from the C8 Corvette platform if its not going to be able to compete with performance the Tesla Plaid achieving. And if you have noticed all of the modded C8 Twin Turbo set ups either break a lot, aren’t reliable, need upgraded clutches and constant fixing to get in that low 9s quarter mile range. It takes a lot of dough, headaches, know how, or performance shops to build the C8 to do this even with a Twin Turbo set up.

Emelia Hartford who has the record has probably put in at least 50k to her C8 Corvette to run low 9s a couple times and is currently fixing her clutches again to see if she can break her 9.4 run. Tesla Plaid runs a 9.2 as soon as you get your Tesla plaid from the service center, giga factory or delivered to your home and it can run that over and over and over again without any worry with a warranty.

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