Best C8 Corvette Z06 Exhaust? (Stock vs Aftermarket)

c8 corvette z06 fabspeed

In these videos by Fabspeed Motorsport and StreetSpeed717 you can hear the difference between the stock C8 Z06 exhaust and their first ever aftermarket exhaust components for the C8 Z06.

Fabspeed Motorsport was the first aftermarket exhaust shop to get a hold of a C8 Z06 thanks to StreetSpeed717. And using his car they were able to build a mold for a new cat back exhaust system for the C8 Z06 as well as sport cats.

A couple things you will notice in the videos is the stock C8 Corvette Z06 exhaust is amazing as is since Chevrolet took over two years to refine the sound from the flat plane crank engine they modeled off of the Ferrari 458.

Another thing you will notice with just the sport cats alone the C8 Z06 gets a louder sound but same tone from the stock exhaust built for the C8 Z06. Emelia Hartford has a video as well where she shows the stock C8 Z06 exhaust is straight piped in track mode.

So really the difference with the Fabspeed Motorsport cat back exhaust for the C8 Corvette Z06 is losing weight, better looking, and a little bit more of a higher pitched tone or sound.

After watching the videos what do you think? Leave a comment below would you leave a Corvette Z06 exhaust stock, add Fabspeed sport cats for the C8 Z06, or a complete system with the Fabspeed Motorsport cat back as well?

Fabspeed High Flow Sport Cats C8 Corvette Z06

Fabspeed explains the sport cats look very similar to the base model C8 Corvette however they are more high flow with a larger HJS 200 Cell cat.

They also gained about 19 more horsepower with their dyno testing just adding the Sport cats to the C8 Z06. Also, with their Supersport X-pipe exhaust they still were able to get more performance and sound gains.

If you are interested in purchasing the Fabspeed cat back exhaust or sport cats for the new Corvette Z06 check out more information here and when contacting them to purchase mention you found them on

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