C8 Corvette All Wheel Drive Hybrid Eray Visualizer LEAKED

cacti green corvette eray

In the video below you can see Rick Corvette Conti a corvette salesman at a Chevy Dealer in Ohio confirm the Corvette E Ray Visualizer leak is real. And the Corvette Eray is suppose to come out in the Summer of 2023. 

If you want the direct link to the Corvette E Ray visualizer to start to build and design yours click here, otherwise keep reading. Also, learn more about the Chevy Corvette E Ray since as of January 17th, 2022 it was unveiled by Chevrolet after we created the information about the E Ray leak.

Also based on the Corvette E Ray 2024 Visualizer tool leaked it looks like the Corvette E Ray will be sharing the same C8 Corvette Z06 widebody. However it looks like the Corvette E Ray will not have the same center exhaust as the C8 Corvette Z06.

And as we have pointed out over a year ago thanks to Chevy dude it’s going to be an All Wheel Drive Hybrid Electric C8 Corvette. Chevrolet has hinted at this with their Instagram and social media videos as well as shown here.

Also, just like it’s competitor the Corvette Eray was spotted with the Acura NSX also has front electric motors powering the front wheels with a hybrid assist motor on the back of the engine.

C8 Corvette Colors (New with the Corvette E RayModel)

  • Riptide Blue Metallic (2024 Chevrolet Equinox Color as shown here)
  • Sea Wolf Gray Tri Coat (there is actually a submarine that is called Seawolf with this color in the US Navy) when searching “seawolf gray” on Google images.
  • Cacti Green (also coming on the Chevrolet Trax for 2024 as shown here)

In the new Corvette Eray visualizer that was leaked three new colors C8 Corvette colors were leaked as well. One of the colors is a faded green C8 Corvette color called Cacti and the other is a new gray color called the Sea Wolf Gray Tri Coat to replace the ceramic matrix gray color that Chevrolet had as an option for the C8 Corvette. Another color that went away is the Caffeine color (Rick refers to as Meatloaf) which replaced Zeus Bronze on the original 2020 C8 Corvette rollout. Also there is a new Riptide Blue Metallic color that is replacing the Elkhart Lake Blue color. They also removed white pearl metallic color and are allowing carbon flash metallic without the “70th” anniversary package.

C8 Corvette Colors removed starting with the Corvette E Ray

  • Caffeine Metallic
  • White Pearl Metallic
  • Elkhart Lake Blue
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray

Here you can see with the C8 Corvette Z06 Visualizer none of these colors are available yet. Also, as you will see below the wheel options and interior isn’t available yet either.

Corvette Eray

Here you can see some more details of the all new all wheel drive Hybrid C8 Corvette Eray from Aaron on Twitter. Which shows the Corvette Eray will have 605 Horsepower about 65 less Horsepower than the C8 Z06.

Also, all of the Corvette Erays shown in the leaked visualizer tool are full body color optioned cars without the option for carbon flash on the side vents or front or back bumper areas as shown before in the other C8 Corvette models like the Stingray and 2023 C8 Corvette Z06.

Massive C8 Corvette Leak. The 2024 ERay Visualizer was briefly leaked and boy is it packed with little secrets of what to expect. Lets break down all the information leaked so far and gathered. Things we find out in todays leak: -New 2024 Colors -Forward Collision Safety Tech is coming -Auto Start Stop -New Interior Colors -E-Ray Engine Insight -E-Ray Shares Z06 design and aero -Availability Timeline -E-Ray Trim Levels

New Corvette C8 E Ray Wheels

The C8 Corvette E Ray will have a new 5 spoke wheel that comes in a new Pearl Nickel, Bright Polished, Carbon Flash, and Satin Black with Blue Stripe options.

New Corvette C8 Eray Interior Color

In the 2024 Corvette E Ray visualizer a new interior color was spotted as well called Artemis to match the new Cacti exterior color.

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