GM Stops Sale of the C8 Corvette Because Brake Recall Issues

GM has another recall since the over the air front trunk, frunk update. Due to contamination on the brakes the sensor isn’t working properly and they don’t have enough parts yet to fix the recall. And since it’s an electronic part set up on the brakes it can take longer to fix.

This will be a recall that needs to be resolved at the dealer like the bolt recall that extended out and could scrape against the driver or passenger doors.

Learn more about the C8 Corvette Brake Recall from this video from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube.

One of the commenters mentioned this was an issue on his 2020 Trailblazer as well.

Guys – I have this SAME IDENTICAL ISSUE with my 2020 TrailBlazer. It appeared shortly after purchase, 1 – 3 weeks. There is such a shortage on the part that my car has been at the dealer for almost 4 weeks…. And this is a B-A-D issue … our experience is the car would fail to stop or the brakes were barely working. I am in line for a 2021 C8 … Double whammy!

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