Samcrac Shows Multiple C8 Corvette Salvaged Cars Already!

Check out this YouTube video by Samcrac where he shows multiple salvaged C8 Corvettes that have already been in wrecks.

He makes great points with fixing these salvaged C8 Corvettes you have to consider a few things at the current time of this post (Sept 2020)

  • C8 Corvettes are already limited due to covid, UAW strike, recalls ect..
  • Can you get the parts for the C8 Corvette need to restore these
  • At a starting price of 60k is it worth it buying one at salvage

Per Samcrac:

In my latest visit to the local salvage auction I ran into 2 C8 Corvettes. This is the first time seeing a wrecked salvage C8 Corvette in person; and it turned out to be owned by Rapper Rod Wave.

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