C8 Corvette Exhaust AFM Valves Causing Check Engine Light?

c8 corvette exhaust afm valve

If you tried changing out your C8 Corvette Exhaust for an aftermarket exhaust from AWE, Soul Performance, Late Model Racecraft, Armytrix, Corsa, or Fabspeed to name the least you might have triggered a check engine light.

If that’s the case and you are getting error P12f0 code most likely when the cat back exhaust was installed the two AFM valves which are part number # 84896567 were not installed properly on the brackets or the performance shop and Chevy dealer pushed the valves all the way open and it got stuck.

Luckily thanks to an Emelia Hartford video where she has been twin turboing her C8 Corvette she mentioned Cicio Performance created a C8 Corvette Exhaust module that the AFM valve actuator wires can be plugged into to trick the system.


Per Cicio Performance in regards to their AFM valve simulator module:

After installing several aftermarket exhaust systems on various C8’s, we quickly discovered that even though a lot of the systems on the market have the valve actuator brackets for the main valves when the car goes from 4cyl to 8cyl operation, that there is still a check engine light that appears.

We realized that this eye sore would not be preferable to 99% of the owners out there so we set out to figure out a solution for this.

Our exhaust module is a direct plug in item with very simple installation and will eliminate any check engine lights caused by the valve system on the factory exhaust!

**For 2020 Model year only**

The AFM or Active Fuel Management system on the new C8 Corvette is a great feature for all of us that love causing down the road getting good fuel milage on our 500hp car. However for those of us who want the addition of some extra music coming out of the tail pipes we may face a problem with the AFM valve systems in association with aftermarket exhaust systems. While some exhaust systems come with metal simulators they not only can be somewhat difficult to install but we have also found some of them don’t even remove the check engine light on all cars.

The electronic system on the new C8 as many of you I’m sure can imagine is extremely advanced and looks for things that some of the older models don’t, but we set out testing to find a solution for a direct plug and play, no questions asked solution to make your C8 happy even when installing aftermarket exhausts and or even turbo systems!

With our PNP Active Fuel Management Valve Simulator you can 100% remove your factory valves and simply plug our all in one simulator to remove any possibility of a check engine light or control fault whatsoever. There is no software needed, you do not need to plug anything into your ODBII port nor do you need to bolt your actuators to something to trick them!!! Just plug in our Cicio Performance AFM Simulator and away you go!

These little magic boxes are in stock ready t0 ship!!!

More info directly from Cicio here

Paragon Peformance sells them as well

6 thoughts on “C8 Corvette Exhaust AFM Valves Causing Check Engine Light?”

  1. If you know the actuator it is a very simple fix…..the actuator is smarter then most people trying to fix this “problem”.

  2. Just add a corsa full system with the variable 4 valve np and afm on my 2022 c8 system. I still got a light engine go on. Will this box work on my car?

    1. Did you get your car fixed o got a Corsa on my 2023 ! Corsa says I need to take to dealer and have them do a exhaust relearn flash

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