How to Use Launch Control in the C8 Corvette

Check out this YouTube video on how to use and activate Launch Control in the C8 Corvette.

There are many launch control modes from Sport to Track and in Track launch control modes there are Wet, Dry, Sport 1, Sport 2, and Race modes as well.

You have to put your foot to floor hard on the brake and the gas pedal and wait for it to hit 3,500 RPMs.

If you don’t get to 3,500 RPMs then you aren’t holding the brake down hard enough.

C8 Corvette Launch Control Videos

In this video above, he talks about how to enter the service mode, SD card size, and Launch Control (tips, what modes Launch Control is available in) and try my first 0-60 runs and an attempted peel out.

Note: For each run, he made sure there were no other vehicles around him. When on the two lane roads there were no other vehicles visible in front or behind me at all. With flat roads, I had great visibility. In addition, speed limits on the roads I used were 70, 65, and 55. I know none of this is visible to those watching, but I made sure I wasn’t putting anyone else at risk in my 0-60 runs. Now, for the 1/4 mile runs, I definitely want to demonstrate those, but plan to do so on a track.

FIRST Launch Control In My 2020 C8!!!


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