Ferrari 458 Owner Says C8 Corvette has the Same Performance

Ferrari 458 C8 Corvette

In this Video you will see a Ferrari 458 owner try very hard to downplay the C8 Corvette. His only reasoning for spending double on a car 10 years old with the “Ferrari” brand is because its not mass produced.

You can tell he has a Ferrari bias so much it’s so hard for him to just admit spending the 75k more for a Ferrari ($RACE, Ferrari’s average profit per car is about $80k) doesn’t make any sense.

Wait until he sees the C8 Z06 and the C8 ZR1 and C8 Zora in the coming years. Even this base Z51 C8 Corvette Stingray has the same performance has his 458 Ferrari.

Per Brink of Speed YouTube:

I May have CONVERTED this FERRARI 458 Owner to a CHEVY C8 Corvette! Welcome back to Brink of Speed! Today I again want to thank Dan with @Normal Guy Supercar for inviting me down to Austin so we could review each other’s cars. If you haven’t checked his channel out yet, make sure and go give him a subscribe! I’m about to show you how Dan, being a Ferrari Supercar owner, reacted to my 2020 C8 Corvette, but this time while driving the C8. It was his first time driving a C8 Corvette and he wasn’t disappointed.

Ferrari 458 Italia REVIEW from a C8 Corvette Owner! How it compares to a C8

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