C8 Corvette Under 11 Second Quarter Mile Times! (VIDEO PROOF)

Snowblindvette made 2 passes to become the first c8 to run 10.8 naturally aspirated. Mods; drag pack, AR Headers, ported tb/im/slight port work on the heads. Tuning is currently unavailable for this car and their was no weight reduction. Thru the factory cats and NPP exhaust.

C8 Corvette vs ’19 Tesla Model S Performance & FAST Charger Hellcat – Best 10.55 at 129 1/4 Mile

Carlos Rios of Action Auto Care in his C8 Corvette making numerous mid 10 second passes, and lining up for a great drag race against The Tesla Plaid Channel’s Model S, and lining up with a very fast Dodge Charger Hellcat.

His Instagram: @Car_C8

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