Gabe Design C8 Corvette vs. DragTimes Ferrari F8

Gabe Design C8

If you been watching the C8 Corvette market like we have from the beginning you know one of the top automotive influencers Gabe Design on Instagram that built the Car Lifestyle page sold his Camaro and built a new C8.

Here is a video of Gabe Design’s C8 Corvette vs. a Ferrari F8 that another automotive influencer on Youtube Dragtimes brought out to run it.

Also, since our last post about Gabe Design C8 he added RSC Tuning Carbon Fiber Wing Spoiler to his C8 Corvette. Do you like that Carbon Fiber wing better or the high wing spoiler seen here on a Satin Matte Black Wrapped C8 Corvette we built? (Leave a comment)

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