Youtubers Selling Their C8s for 20k-30k Profits! (Should You?)

If you watch automotive YouTube you might of noticed a trend that Chevy Dude noticed as well below in this video. He discusses how StreetSpeed717, Stradman, Cleetus and other YouTubers are selling their C8s for a nice 20-30k profit in most cases and how they are selling the C8s since its a business and hard to generate content when everyone is doing the same thing and the ECU isn’t unlocked.

For example, StreetSpeed717 rushed to get it Twin Turbo-ed, wrapped, rims, exhaust and then was offered $120k for his C8 3LT that he paid about 90k for. Also, he has another C8 on the way, the convertible C8 from Whitmoyer Chevy so he can use that profit towards his next one while waiting the next 3 to 4 months to get it.

Also, we covered the Stradman selling his Purple wrapped C8 funny enough to another YouTuber Chandler David Smith that does Financial and Real Estate focused YouTube content.

As a C8 owner as well hence the C8 Corvette Blog we built we have also thought about selling but there really is no alternative to this car and we are going to wait for the C8 Z06 instead in the 2022 model and end of 2021 year.

From the video:

All the famous YouTubers who bought C8’s are selling or have already sold their Corvettes. We know Cleetus stated he sold his for the freedom factory improvements. But is this the real reason? We discuss that and more in this video. Including if I a following the trend of listing mine for sale.

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