C8 Corvette vs Porsche 992 VIDEO Review (DETAILED Comparison)

C8 Corvette vs Porsche 992

Check out this video review from RacerX on YouTube as he compares the Porsche 992 to the Corvette C8 to see if an American made car can beat a German made car.

The Porsche 992 comes with only flat 6 with a Twin Turbo with 397 horsepower vs. the C8 Corvette at 495 horsepower with a natural aspirated V8.

They both of the same 20 inch sized wheels and tires and the Porsche 992 weighs in in the 3200-3700 range depending on the model and options while the C8 Corvette weighs about 3300 lbs.

The Porsche 992 starts at $98k while the C8 Corvette starts at 60k but can be optioned up to the high 90k low 100k area depending on the carbon fiber added to the C8 Corvette as well. There are companies like Racing Sport Concepts that offers aftermarket C8 Corvette carbon fiber parts as well as Porsche carbon fiber parts too.

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