Another Chevy Dealership Service Technician Going Over 100MPH

chevy dealer service tech 100mph customer car

A few months ago we posted an update to a C8 Corvette customer showing a Chevy Dealership service technician going over 100MPH in his car.

And now another Chevy Dealership service tech was caught on the C8 Corvette PDR (performance data recorder) going over 140MPH cutting in and out of traffic and reckless driving with a customer car as well.

What do you guys think? What would you do if this was your C8 Corvette that was raced on the highway over 140MPH after bringing it in for service and an engine knock?

Update: It looks like the video was removed or taken down because the owner was happy with what the dealer offered him which sounds like they agreed to an extended warranty. Per reddit

c8 corvette service tech


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