Rick Corvette Conti with the Latest 2023 C8 Z06 News

2023 corvette z06 c8

In this video by Rick Corvette Conti on YouTube and a Corvette salesperson that works at Coughlin Chevrolet he discusses the latest insider information that dealer received about the new 2023 C8 Z06.

He also confirms C8 Z06 ordering is opening up at the end of March on March 31st and mentions some options that are staying with the C8 Corvette like the Ceramic Matrix color.

Based on what he is seeing he is hoping like everyone that General Motors and Chevrolet produce as many C8 Corvette Z06 cars as possible since there are so many people wanting one and on waiting lists. They are also promoting this car all over the place at auto shows, C8 Z06 Dealer tours, Barrett Jackson, social media, news sites, and traditional media advertising it would make sense they will keep up with demand.

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