What Does the Corvette C8R Edition Really Cost? (IS IT Worth it?)

Check out this video from Brink of Speed as he uses the new 2022 Corvette builder as prices just went live to build the new C0rvette C8R edition.

He uses the Corvette C8R edition as an example to show you what it really costs by adding a C8R graphics package with a plaque. The C8R Edition doesn’t change the engine, DCT or any performance elements to the car.

Just adding the Corvette C8R edition adds $12,940 more to the base model 2022 C8 Corvette stingray. It adds the Z51 package and a lot of the 3LT options along with black trident spoke wheels.

Other than the Jake logo, plaque, and stickers along with the new Hypersonic gray color everything else is the same as the 2020 and 2021 C8 Corvette models. The new Hypersonic grey color is included but if you want the accelerate yellow C8R Edition C8 Corvette its another $500.00

He also specs it based on what Chevrolet showed what they looked like at the Corvettes at Carlisle tent. It came to another $25,390 dollars (just for looks) in options to match what they did with the carbon fiber package as well.

If you built this yourself it would be probably a quarter of that $25k as Brink of Speed points out. The only difference is saying you have one of the 1000 they are building. It really does seem like a marketing gimmick and wouldn’t be a good idea if you already own a C8 Corvette. It’s similar to the Callaway C8 Corvette that had only appearance changes but no performance upgrades. It could be a cool option if you never owned a C8 Corvette before as your first C8 Corvette you purchase but it doesn’t seem like an overpriced marketing gimmick.

We have already covered using an aftermarket company like Racing Sport Concepts for carbon fiber parts for the C8 Corvette is a way better option to save money and have high quality carbon fiber parts.

UP CLOSE!! TWO CORVETTE C8.R EDITIONS Both Hypersonic Gray & Accelerate Yellow

Is the 2022 Corvette C8R Special Edition WORTH buying or WAIT for the C8 Z06?

The ALL NEW C8R Special Edition is here and Chevrolet wants to celebrate for 2022. This C8 is based on a 3LT Vette with the Z51 pkg. Under the engine cover is a 6.2L V8 pumping out 495HP & mated to an 8-speed DCT. On the outside there are two available colors, special graphics, and extra aero. On the inside you will find unique colors and touches. Is the 2022 Corvette C8R Special Edition WORTH buying or WAIT for the C8 Z06?



2022 Hypersonic Gray C8.R Edition C8 Corvette

Check out this video from Brink of Speed on YouTube as he does a Full 4k Walk Around video of the new 2022 Hypersonic C8R Edition C8 Corvette.

In 2022, this is a C8 Corvette package that is called the C8R edition and as we covered before it’s mainly a graphics and sticker tribute to the C8.R race car. There is no engine improvement and still uses the same Tremac DCT in any other C8 Corvette.

IMSA GTLM Championship Edition
The 2022 Corvette Stingray IMSA GTLM Championship Edition is based on the 3LT trim with Z51 Performance Package. Each car includes Corvette Racing-themed graphics packages. Accelerate Yellow No. 3 editions feature gray graphics and Hypersonic Gray No. 4 editions feature yellow accents.

Additional exterior content (varies by market):

  • High-wing spoiler in Carbon Flash
  • Yellow brake calipers
  • Black Trident design wheels, with the “Jake” logo on the center caps, and black lug nuts
  • Exterior mirrors in Carbon Flash
  • Black side rockers
  • Splash guards

Inside, the Special Edition features a Strike Yellow and Sky Cool Gray cabin that mimics the exterior yellow and gray racing theme, with standard GT2 seats (Competition Sport seats are available), along with yellow seat belts and a C8.R Special Edition numbered plaque.

1st Look at the 2022 Convertible C8.R from Corvettes At Carlisle 2021!

Everything You Want to Know about the Corvette C8.R

With the launch and unveil of the new Corvette C8 Convertible Chevrolet showed of their new Corvette Racing C8.R

Check out everything we can find online for you all in one place below (and we will keep this updated with new C8.R videos, pictures, links, specs and more.

Corvette C8.R

NEW Corvette C8.R Night Test at Sebring

Per Motorward Youtube

More than 60 years of racing heritage helped set the stage for the most important debut in Corvette’s racing history tonight, as Chevy’s first mid-engine GTLM race car – the Corvette C8.R – made its surprise debut alongside the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible at the Kennedy Space Center. The C8.R and Corvette Stingray represent a true technology transfer, taking lessons from the street straight to the track and vice versa.

“The C8.R is much more than just a race-tuned version of the 2020 Corvette Stingray. It’s a culmination of many years of testing and development between GM Design, Propulsion, Engineering and the Corvette Racing team,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet U.S. vice president of Performance and Motorsports. “The collaboration between these teams has allowed us to take these vehicles’ performance to the next level, both on the street and the track.”

With its tremendous success on the track over the last 20 years, Corvette Racing has helped push the development, performance and popularity of Corvette’s top-line performance cars on race tracks across the world.

Since 1999, Corvette Racing has won 107 races – the most of any professional sports car team in North America – including 13 Team championships and 12 Driver and Manufacturer titles. In 2015, Corvette Racing became the first sports car team in 15 years win endurance racing’s Triple Crown – victories at Rolex 24 at Daytona, Twelve Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Le Mans – in the same season.

The C8.R No. 4 car dons a new silver livery, inspired by the color of iconic Corvette concepts such as the 1973 Chevrolet Aerovette and the 1959 Corvette Stingray Racer. This car also features yellow accents.

Complementing the No. 4 vehicle is the No. 3 car which will feature a traditional yellow color scheme with silver accents that continues the lineage of the successful GTLM racing Corvettes of the past 20 years.

The C8.R will make its racing debut at Rolex 24 at Daytona in January 2020.