How to Lower C8 Corvette (VIDEO)

how to lower c8 corvette

Back in June of 2020 months after the C8 Corvettes started rolling out to customers we created this post on How to Lower the C8 Corvette as people started with the aftermarket mods.

One of the biggest issues cosmetically with the C8 Corvette is the big wheel gap and horrible stock wheel choices. The black trident wheel is probably the best option but again the offset isn’t as good as it could be and still a massive wheel gap that doesn’t look good for a mid engine sports car.

Since the wheels and wheel gap are an issue the most popular mods are getting aftermarket wheels for the C8 Corvette and lowering the C8 Corvette with exhausts, bolt ons, and wrapping their C8 Corvettes being very popular as well.

In this video most recent 2021 video by Paragon Performance and aftermarket marketplace for C8 Corvette mods explains every option depending on you having a base model C8 Corvette with no lift and no Z51 option to having the front lift and Z51 C8 Corvette stingray.

They sell front collars, suspension kits, and springs to lower your C8 Corvette. If you go to their site and order anything mention you found them on in the notes or when you call.

How to Install Lowering Springs on a C8 Corvette

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