KW Variant 5 Coilover Suspension Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray

kw suspension coilovers c8 corvette

If you want to lower your Corvette C8 one of the ways to do so is with KW’s new coilover Suspension they built specifically for the C8 Corvette.

Per KW’s video below:

KW is proud to announce the all-new Variant 5 Coilover Suspension System designed around the demands of today’s modern sport and supercars. The Variant 5 is the first four way adjustable coilover kit for road cars on the market with leading state-of-the-art KW Solid Piston Technology. The new C8 Corvette will experience the upgrade in the ride, handling, and performance with the new KW Variant 5 Coilover.

KW’s solid piston design in each Variant 5 Coilover reduces the amount of uncontrolled and unwanted suspension movement. This solid piston design also provides more platform to the chassis than conventional dampers, allowing a lower spring rate to be used, giving more overall compliance and superior handling.

The all-new Variant 5 Coilover also features precise 4-way dampening adjustment capabilities. When you’re looking to lower and improve your vehicle’s suspension, having rebound and compression adjustment is great, but having the ability to fine-tune your suspension movements at different speeds is even better. KW took the Variant 5 Coilover to a whole new level with high speed and low-speed tunability. High speed refers to suspension travel and events that the Coilover itself experiences very quickly, such as a sharp corner or a hard launch from a stop. Low-speed events refer to suspension movements that happen at a slower, more gradual pace, such as large sweeping corners or gradual acceleration. Having the ability to adjust high and low-speed suspension dampening independently, gives you unprecedented handling, performance, and control. This means every acceleration, steering movement, or braking event is tunable and precise.

The high and low-speed valves in every Variant 5 Coilover are built in a series, and each valve in the circuit is tuned to the respective vehicle application. With 13 clicks of high and low-speed rebound and compression adjustability, the Variant 5 Coilover offers an incredible range of desired forces in a more sensitive, cavitation-free package that responds immediately at high frequency.

KW Variant 5 Coilovers provide you with lowering capability, improved handling, and more adjustability all in one package.

The KW Variant 5 Coilovers feature: – Up to 35mm of lowering – Trapezoidal Thread with composite spring perch – 13 Clicks of Low-Speed Rebound Damping Adjustment – 13 Clicks of High-Speed Rebound Damping Adjustment – 13 Clicks of Low-Speed Compression Damping Adjustment – 13 Clicks of High-Speed Compression Damping Adjustment – SPRLH-A (Solid Piston Rebound Low High – Adjustable) Technology – SPCLH-A (Solid Piston Compression Low High – Adjustable) Technology – Limited Lifetime Warranty

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