Late Model Racecraft Tech NOT HAPPY, StreetSpeed717 C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette Streetspeed717

Check out this video of Late Model Racecraft technician getting very sad that StreetSpeed717 is taking off his Twin Turbo kit they built to sell his C8 Corvette already since he has an Accelerate Yellow Hard Top Convertible C8 Corvette coming from Whitmoyer Chevrolet

Per their video:¬†We Do What To StreetSpeed717’s Twin Turbo C8?!?!

Mike ships his twin turbo C8 back to us, unfortunately not for further modification. Instead we revert the car back to its previous state because he sold it as a stock C8 Corvette. Check back soon to see one our other TT C8 packages being put together!

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