Protection Film Solutions Breaks Down their C8 Corvette Build

c8 corvette gtr.4

In this video Protective Film Solutions in California breaks down their complete C8 Corvette build the “C8 GT4.R” with a new Apex Wheel launch.

Their C8 Corvette has over 12,000 miles on it and have been driving it to all the local shows, on Rallies and have taken it on track and haven’t had any issues. They took it out to Laguna Seca and was flawless and easiest car to drive with the dual clutch transmission. They also mention on the Long tail rally they did over 4,500 miles and some of the exotic cars would break down.

They have had the C8 Corvette for 8-9 months and would absolutely do it all over again especially at the 85k MSRP they bought it for. Also, price to value with under 3 seconds in 0 to 60 nothing beats it.

We covered their entire C8 Corvette build process since they received their first Racing Sport Concepts carbon fiber parts.  They mentioned they can be a one and done shop for anyone that wants to replicate the same process on their C8 Corvette to have their own “C8 GT4.R”.

Here are the build specs of this C8 Corvette GT4.R and leave a comment below to guess how much this build will cost. They didn’t say in the video but maybe they will release that pricing soon. It depends on how much of the build you do as well.

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