Rob Ferretti Finally Broke his C8 Corvette Rental (VIDEO)

In this video we learn Mr. Spaghetti Rob Ferretti finally had his C8 Corvette Rental break after one year and 19,000 miles of ownership which isn’t too bad.

Rob Ferretti shares a P0700 Chevy Corvette Transmission code (Transmission Control System Malfunction) along with high pressure and low pressure Transmission fluid check engine light codes (P0869, P0868).

Which funny enough or not funny at all we recently posted an article about another YouTuber having transmission problems with the C8 Corvette just over 20,000 miles too.

He thought maybe its a minor issue because it was a low and high pressure check engine lights at the same time. Also, Mr. Rob Ferretti (SuperSpeeders Rob on YouTube) has had issues with his local Chevrolet dealership already where they don’t provide great customer service.

The dealer had to update the solenoid pins so nothing major. All good for Rob Ferretti and his C8 Corvette Rental!

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