Speed Phenom Selling C8.R Special Edition C8 Corvette for C8 Z06?

c8 corvette special edition c8.r

In this video, Speed Phenom on YouTube asks his viewers and audience if he should sell his C8 Corvette C8R Special Edition for the New C8 Z06.

In our mind this is a no brainer and being a YouTuber its a no brainer for him as well since he uses each car as content for his YouTube Channel.

We’re sure he already had this in mind when he flipped his C8 Corvette Stingray at Carmax for this “special edition” C8.R where they are only producing 1000 units.

Guaranteed the C8 Z06 with the flat plane crank engine will hold its value and still be more valuable than a special edition base model Z51 C8 Corvette with stickers regardless of only making 1000 units. 

He admits he’s not a “car collector” and only 21 years old so it sounds like C8R special edition was for content and he will be getting a C8 Z06.

What do you think? Keep a “Special Edition” C8.R or get a C8 Corvette Z06?

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