StreetSpeed717 Takes a C8 Corvette Off-Roading

off roading c8 corvette streetspeed717

In the latest StreetSpeed717 video he buys a new Rapid Blue C8 Corvette from Whitmoyer Chevrolet and takes it off-roading.

As he prefaced in the beginning of the video he possibly might be building this C8 Corvette to compete with the likes of the new Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato. or even a Porsche 911 Dakar.

Since Corvette is talking about possibly expanding the Corvette line up with an SUV why not build an off road C8 Corvette. This also plays into Mike StreetSpeed717 mentioning he has already built C8 Corvettes with new C8 Corvette after market wheels, carbon fiber or even car wraps.

So using his creativity being a YouTuber and influencer why not do something different with an Off-Road C8 Corvette similar to the other exotic car manufactures and beat Chevrolet and General Motors to it.

Chevrolet and Corvette recently released an all wheel drive hybrid electric C8 Corvette the E Ray and now Mike StreetSpeed717 is showing them what he can do building a new C8 Corvette into an off road monster.

In the Corvette ERay promo videos they showed it doing some mean all wheel drive donuts and drifting. In these off-roading videos by Mike you can see the Mid Engine C8 Corvette slipping and sliding all over the farm in rural Pennsylvania. Towards the end of the video StreetSpeed717 had to have his off roading C8 Corvette pulled from a pond by his brother in law RF Racing on YouTube.

In his upcoming videos we will be posting him jumping the C8 Corvette outside on a private farm property in Pennsylvania from his homemade built dirt ramps. He has done this before with his Ram TRX.

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Update: StreetSpeed717 Mike Jumps the C8 Corvette!

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