The Best Trailer To Take Your C8 Corvette to the Drag Races

As the C8 Corvette keeps getting produced and with production restarting more and more C8s are going to finally get to dealerships and their respective owners.

As they do some will want to customize their C8 Corvette or even Drag Race it.

Here is a great video from Trailer World in Bowling Green Kentucky that shows the ease and perfect specs for a C8 Corvette Trailer that has a tilt and works great with the C8 Corvettes with a Front lift

This way if you want to trailer your C8 Corvette to the drag races, trips, on a vacation or keep the miles of it on a long haul somewhere before you set up and wreck shop driving your C8 on a track or around town at your final destination.

Per Trailer World Bowling Green Kentucky Video:

We had a local customer bring his new C8 Corvette by to load on an Aluma 8218 Tilt Bed. This new Corvette has the ability to raise the front end high enough to load without need the jump ramps to get started.

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