The Biggest Problem with the C8 Corvette, Understeer? (Deal Breaker?)

c8 corvette

Here’s the truth. With 8,000 miles driven on my C8 Corvette, and visiting multiple racetracks with it, this is what I’ve learned. Does the C8 Corvette really understeer? Is this the real flaw and biggest issue with the car?

Check out this video to see Speed Phenom’s thoughts about the C8 Corvette since he tracks the car all the time and has driven it 8,000 miles.

He really shows how there really isn’t a big problem with C8 Corvette understeer and learn the car you have and the right balance for the vehicle.

Speed Phenom C8 Corvette Track Videos.

Also, here is great information on how to prepare your C8 Corvette for the Track. 

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