This Texas Chevrolet Dealership has THREE C8 CORVETTE’S!

YouTuber, Brink of Speed went to a local Texas Chevy dealership, Classic Chevrolet in his home town and found more C8 Corvette Production cars hitting the dealer’s lot and found a C7R Callaway Corvette as well.

However, all 3 C8 Corvettes at this Texas Chevy dealer were all spoken for and that’s going to be what happens at least for a year per Rick Corvette Conti. Since C8 Corvette production got halted because of this virus and delayed because of the UAW strike only 2,700 were made and now all the 2020 orders are being finished and made in 3000 status and then the rest of the C8 Corvette orders for 2020 are turning into 2021 C8 Corvettes.

The C8 Corvette production has really had it’s hiccups and drawbacks which is crazy since the unveil of the C8 Corvette in July was one of the most anticipated and then highly sought after cars in the car market in a long time or in automotive history.

So in less someone backs out of their order or pays a mark up you aren’t going to be able to walk into a Chevy Dealer and just pick whatever C8 Corvette you want from their inventory for a good year and more like the summer of 2021 if we you are lucky.

Per Brink of Speed YouTube video below:

This Texas Chevrolet Dealership has THREE C8 CORVETTE’S! Hello everyone and welcome back to Brink of Speed. Today, I take you along with me to a Texas Chevrolet Dealership with three C8 Corvette’s at it. They have a Ceramic Matrix Gray, Torch Red, and Shadow Gray. All three are Z51 cars as well. Come on up and take a look at these beauty’s and see if they are something that you would like to place an order on with Rod Pitzer.

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