This Chevy Dealer Has C8 Corvettes 30k Over Sticker!

c8 corvette mark up

Check out this video from YouTuber (DCrump) at Freedom Chevrolet in San Antonio Texas that has two C8 Corvettes that are MSRP, $76280 with a $30k mark up to $107,277. We have discussed C8 Corvette mark ups before

The whole C8 Corvette mark up issue is a big topic. One one hand General Motors limited production to only 2,700 C8s thanks to the UAW strike and now this virus pandemic. And even without those issues there is one hardcore side that has the stance “I will never pay mark up”, “that’s ridiculous” “blah blah excuse why they won’t do it when they don’t really even have the money to do so”, “I can wait a year or two” (which is actually fine and a decent excuse at least).

Then on the other side there are people out there that understand supply and demand, capitalism, and if they mark it up and no one buys it then they just sit on it and maybe will have to come down.

However, there are people willing to pay C8 Corvette mark ups for many reasons.

  • What other mid engine car can you get even with a mark up at $100-$107k?
  • Have driven cars that are 120k plus that are used “supercars” (Mclaren, NSX, Ferrari, Porsche) and they don’t even come close to how good the New C8 Corvette is.
  • Even people paying mark up let’s say like one in the video that’s 107k, take it to an auction or flip it yourself for $110k-$125k after a few mods or not depending how the rest of C8 Corvette production goes this year and in 2021 until the 2022 Chevrolet Mid engine C8 Z06 comes out.

Watch this video, and then leave a comment what side are you on?

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