Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions of the Corvette C8

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Check out these top five myths and misconceptions of the Corvette C8 from a C8 corvette owner and YouTuber Corvette Direct.

C8 Myth 1

Can’t get the Corvette C8 for 60k

His point is that most YouTubers are adding all the options for YouTube content. So when they ordered they are getting 2LTs, 3LTs, and the Z51 package.

Although Corvette Direct is right there are not that many people that ordered a basic 1LT with no options either whether they are a YouTuber or not and on top of it because of the UAW strike and Covid 19 the production was limited to only 2,700 C8 Corvettes. Since people want this car more than any other car in recent history people are willing to pay more because it’s being compared to a Lamborghini and still undervalued and now with supply and demand with limited production people want the car now and don’t want to wait another 1 or 2 years (2022 for the Z06 version)

Chevy Dude actually shares stats on what C8 Corvette’s were ordered and 1LTs regardless of being a YouTuber or not aren’t as popular compared to the better specked cars like the 2LT, 3LT and Z51 which are still coming in at th $70-100k prices which are a lot less then most supercars and exotic cars it competes with. Only 63 were 1LTs

C8 Myth 2

The Z51 is a performance package not a “model” of the C8 Corvette Stringray and just a track pack

We have highlighted the differences of the Z51 package vs. the Base Model below and here if you want to see more videos of two C8 Corvettes one a Z51 optioned C8 vs. a Base model Stingray C8 Corvette.

Per Chevy this is what you get with the $5,000 Z51 Package Add on

  • Z51 performance Brembo® brakes
  • Z51 performance suspension
  • Performance exhaust
  • Performance rear axle ratio
  • Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD)
  • Z51-specific front splitter and rear spoiler
  • Michelin® Pilot® Sport 4S 245/35ZR19 front and 305/30ZR20 rear, high performance, run-flat, summer-only tires1
  • Heavy-duty cooling system

C8 Myth 3

That the C8 Corvette makes 562 HP to the wheel

Corvette Direct is right there are plenty of dyno pull videos showing well below the 500 horsepower to the wheel and most videos they are making between 420-450  to the wheel.

We have covered C8 Corvette Dyno pulls with videos on our site as well here and here if you want to see for yourself.

The Base model C8 Corvette has about 430 horsepower to the wheel for the most part and over 500 horsepower with no mods or twin turbos has been debunked.

C8 Myth 4

That the C8 Corvette weight is roughly 3200 pounds

The Corvette C8 actually weighs 3,647 and is still really heavy but the next models like the Z06, ZR1, or the Zora should reduce weight.

Also, most people that have been adding exhausts, sport cats, or headers they are removing a lot of weight from the car as well which can help a little bit.

And they didn’t use that much carbon fiber to keep the price down on the first Stingray C8 model.

C8 Myth 5

And the last Myth is you can’t Drive the C8 Corvette Daily

That is far from the truth. Having driven and owned a McLaren which was not a good daily driver the C8 Corvette is hands down an easy to drive daily driver and has decent front and rear trunk room for getting groceries, going golfing or a trip.

They also have a front lift option that can help you with your daily drives over speed bumps or getting in or out of the steep driveways.

The C8 Corvette is a great daily driver unless you have a family since it’s a two seater car.

What do you think of these myths? Any others you have heard? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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