C8 Corvette Allocation Update for September 2021 (Dealer Perspective)

corvette c8

In this video from “I Sell Corvettes” Ron Shinault with Weber Chevrolet in Columbia, IL  covers his current C8 Corvette allocation and provides an update to his July 22nd 2022 C8 Corvette Allocation videos.

He was pleasantly surprised with 4 allocations and thinks this a great sign to come since he is a smaller dealer especially with corvette sales.

He also mentioned they will not make a list for the C8 Z06 because he doesn’t think they would be able to fulfill the orders within the first one or two years and doesn’t want to get peoples hopes up.

Lastly, he discusses he has a small list for the electric Corvette C8 the “E-Ray” that has been seen testing with the Acura NSX but again that car isn’t even announced and Chevy didn’t say they will be sharing any information about it at the C8 Z06 reveal at the end of October.

September 2021 C8 Corvette Consensus Notes Update – Plus Initial Allocation Stats

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