C8 Corvette Gets a Ton of Aftermarket Mods (Fabspeed, Vertical Doors +)

purple c8 corvette

In this video by Daily Delinquency on YouTube they install a bunch of aftermarket mods for the C8 Corvette including a Fabspeed Exhaust, Paragon Lowering Kit, Flashtech Lighting LED, Underglow Lighting and Vertical Doors.

This C8 Corvette is already wrapped in Satin Purple and has aftermarket wheels. However, Certified Motors installed the Fabspeed Exhaust on it and Daily Delinquency does the rest with the lighting, vertical doors, and lowering collars.

This gives you a glimpse into all the different aftermarket mods for the C8 Corvette that are available. The only other thing we might add to this C8 Corvette is some carbon fiber from Racing Sport Concepts although this C8 Corvette does have a High Wing Spoiler already.

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