How Much a C8 Corvette Made on YouTube in the First 6 Months

If you are wondering can a C8 Corvette make you money on YouTube the short answer is… YES!

YouTubers like StreetSpeed717, TJ Hunt, Emelia Hartford, Cleetus Mcfarland, and even the Stradman all ordered C8 Corvettes.

Cleetus, StreetSpeed717 and the Stradman both sold their C8 Corvettes pretty quickly to take advantage of the huge 20k, 30k, 40k mark ups on the car since its so hard to get thanks to the UAW strike and Covid.

TJ Hunt still has his and added Twin Turbos via Sheepey Race and then had Late Model Racecraft help with the ECU on the Twin Turbo set up.

However, all these YouTubers had an audience already and are known for buying the latest and greatest cars and owning multiple cars at a time for building and YouTube content.

A new YouTuber on the scene know for How to C8 Corvette videos Rear Wheel Drive (Matt) just shared how much he has made on his YouTube Channel for the first 6 months of ownership of his C8 Corvette.

He admitted he did pay a 20k mark up and bought the C8 Corvette for 106k but so far it has earned him over 4k or about 650/mo. which is almost half of his $1500/mo. payment.

As he noted this is only adsense revenues and doesn’t include any sponsorships or affiliates.

So if you are thinking about using a C8 Corvette to start your YouTube channel it can help pay for it, mods, and get you momentum on building a channel especially considering this is just the start to the C8 Corvette platform and the C8 Z06 and C8 Zr1 are highly anticipated over the next 5 years.

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