Paragon Performance C8 Corvette NCM Motorsports Park Recap

Check out this video from Graham from Paragon Performance as he tests out their Paragon Performance C8 Corvette at the NCM Motorsports Park.

The National Corvette Museum built the NCM Motorsports Park in 2013. This $20 million, dual-track attraction is one of the best race tracks in the U.S..

Their C8 Corvette has been upgraded with Girodisc Rotors, Carbotech brake pads, the GM OEM High Wing Spoiler, Verus Dual Canards/Dive Planes and Verus Rear Diffuser.

They also equipped this track C8 Corvette with their Paragon Performance cat back exhaust, sport cats, lowering collars and lowering springs for the ultimate C8 Corvette track machine.

Per their video description:

The Paragon Performance team traveled to NCM Motorsports Park for some product testing. For this track day we brought out our flagship C8 Corvette with a prototype rear diffuser from Verus Engineering. Graham, our in house tuner, piloted the car testing the capabilities of the GiroDisc 2PC Rotors with Carbotech brake pads on this high speed racetrack!

C8 Corvette or Shelby GT500.. Which is BETTER at the Track?

Check out this video by Woman Driven on YouTube where she compares a C8 Corvette and a Shelby GT500 on the track at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas.

She mentions, the Chevy C8 Corvette and the Ford Shelby GT500 are two cars that I’ve been meaning to drive and test out. Driving the C8 and the GT500 on a road course, is likely the best way to get a feeling of the overall performance both of them have to offer. Let’s just say, one drove much better than the other.

Watch the C8 Corvette vs Shelby GT500

IMSA Corvette C8.R But With A Misfire So It Sounds More Badass

Check out this video from Lanky Turtle on YouTube of the C8R Corvette Race Car at the IMSA event.

If the C8 Corvette Z06 or C8 Corvette ZR1 is anything like this its going to be an exotic killer even more then it is now as the base model.

Per his video on the IMSA C8.R Corvette

The #4 Corvette C8.R suffered an engine issue early in the 12 Hours of Sebring but was still able to complete the race.

How to Prepare a C8 Corvette for the Track

Take a look behind the scenes on what it takes to get your C8 Corvette ready for the track, it’s very important you do the required preparation as GM Dealers may not honor your warranty on the track.

Make sure to Follow all of the C8 Corvette Track Guide steps (download the guide and bookmark this page for track days) or take it to your local GM Certified Chevrolet Dealer for help.


2020 C8 Corvette Track Prep GUIDE Deep Dive

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Ron Fellows Performance Driving School instructor, Justin “JJ” Johnson, shares C8 Corvette track prep tips during an 8th Generation Corvette Owners School at Spring Mountain Motor Resort.

C8 Corvette Track Fill without taking Trunk out