StreetSpeed717 Learns About C8 Z06 Mark Ups (VIDEO)

c8 z06 mark ups streetspeed717

In this video by Mike (StreetSpeed717) on YouTube he reached out to another Chevy Dealership for a second C8 Corvette Z06 since he already was first on his buddy Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevy’s List.

As he went to go check in on his 2nd C8 Corvette Z06 list the Chevy saleswoman called him back and said he is still on the list but the current mark up was $100,000 and if he paid more he can get pushed higher up in the front of the line.

Although this was shocking for StreetSpeed717 since he is use to Matt at Whitmoyer hooking him up with the 1st position on his Corvette lists as they come out he wasn’t aware the other Chevy dealers have gone this insane.

Also, this isn’t anything new since even starting with the C8 Corvette in March of 2020 as they hit lots Chevy dealers from our own personal experience here in Arizona were charging $20k plus mark ups on that car. Van Chevrolet and Gateway Chevrolet being a few examples.

Currently this weekend we checked the local Arizona market and Van Chevrolet is still 100k over MSRP, 10k deposit, Midway Chevrolet wants 50k mark ups and supposedly have 16 people ready to pay that.

Earnhardt Chevrolet was over 75k MSRP, Gateway Chevrolet told us they have someone willing to pay 74.9k over MSRP, 5 other people willing to pay 50K over but we could be 6th on their list at MSRP unless we wanted to beat the $74.9k mark up.

Although GM is sending out letters and trying to stop flippers with the $5000 Chevy Rewards offer and no warranty if you sell the C8 Z06 within the first 12 months the bigger issue is the Chevy Dealers.

If GM and Chevrolet really wanted to stop the over MSRP nonsense they could take the Tesla approach only on the Corvette brand let people buy directly from them and have them delivered to their door or local Chevy Dealer for pick up. The Chevy dealers will still get the service on the Corvettes and then Chevrolet can price the Corvettes higher to keep flippers from making any profit on a flip.

Here are more articles we have written about the insane mark ups on the C8 Corvette and C8 Corvette Z06 over the last two years.

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