Every “Top” Phoenix Chevy Dealer is Selling C8 Z06 OVER MSRP

c8 z06 mark up van chevrolet

With the release of C8 Corvette Z06 pricing and order banks ready other than dealers waiting for their allocations we decided to check in on the current state of the C8 Corvette Z06 lists and call every “top” corvette Chevy dealer in Phoenix with a specialty in Corvette sales the last few years.

Here’s what some of Chevy Dealers in Phoenix, Arizona had to say about marking up the C8 Corvette Z06

  • Van Chevrolet wants $100k over sticker, 10k deposit but then there was a video that surfaced at $85k over MSRP for a C8 Corvette Z06
  • Earnhardt Chevrolet $75k over sticker and they have 16 people ready to go on this supposedly (didn’t mention if they actually have deposits)
  • Midway Chevrolet $50k over sticker and again have 15 plus people ready to do this (didn’t mention they have deposits)
  • AutoNation Chevrolet Arrowhead $40k over sticker, need deposit at time of order and then you get picked from a hat!
  • Gateway Chevrolet has 1 person ready to pay $74,900 over stick, 5 at $50k over and you can pay more than the first person to be the first order on their list. (they are a dealer that has been marking up C8 Corvettes since they came out just like Van Chevrolet.)
  • Sands Chevrolet Surprise want $40k over MSRP and didn’t seem like they took deposits yet or have a solid list willing to pay that
  • Sands Chevrolet Glendale said they are not sure but most likely $30k over MSRP and again haven’t entered an order yet and seems like they haven’t taken deposits but have a list of people they will call to see if they are willing to pay that.
  • Courtesy Chevrolet said they have 60 people at first on their list and then it turned into 76 people and they are charging a $20,000 mark up and all 76 people agreed to that mark up supposedly.

Luckily there are dealers in the country that are offering the C8 Corvette Z06 at MSRP like Ciocca, MacMulkin, and Criswell Chevrolet. Also, Whitmoyer Chevrolet who is friends with StreetSpeed717 and has about 4-5 YouTubers as his first orders is also honoring MSRP.

Let us know if you find out anything about any Phoenix Chevrolet Dealers in Arizona that aren’t changing MSRP or told you something different from above and we will update the information as given to us.

If you are an Phoenix Arizona Chevy dealer and want to correct any of this information or add to it leave a comment below and we will make it public and happy to edit any updates. This information was given to us directly from “Corvette” sales reps when calling about the C8 Z06 lists at these Chevy Dealers.

Also, if you guys like this content let us know and we will call some other top Chevy Corvette dealers in different states to see what they are doing as well.

Speed Phenom on YouTube has covered the markups on the C8 Corvette Z06 and C8 Corvette in Southern California as well many times.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 markups

And StreetSpeed717 learned that the 2nd list he was on besides Whitmoyer Auto Group wanted over $100,000 MSRP to move up their C8 Z06 list as well.

c8 z06 mark ups streetspeed717

Lastly if you find any Phoenix Chevy Dealer or any dealer in Arizona with a small list, no list, and selling a C8 Corvette Z06 at MSRP hit us up in the DMs and Follow us on Instagram @c8corvetteblog or leave a comment below. We will keep our C8 Corvette Blog updated.

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