C8 Corvette Z06 Production Starts September 2022 (Constraints)

torch red c8 z06

It’s finally August 11th and “Thursday” allocation numbers that were anticipated today for the C8 Corvette Z06 sill haven’t been released.

However, we now know what Rick Corvette Conti was hinting at when he said C8 Corvette Z06 allocations had something to do with the number 3.

At first we thought that had something to do with the Top 3 Chevy  Corvette dealers with the most C8 Corvette sales will get the most as they usually do (Ciocca, MacMulkin, Criswell).

However the memo has stated the Chevy dealers with the most C8 Corvette sales since 2020 but with a caveat. It’s going to be based on the most “3LT” model C8 Corvettes with that trim package.

In our opinion this still favors the Top 3 Corvette dealers which is a good thing since all three Ciocca, MacMulkin, and Criswell all sell at MSRP unlike most of the other dealers across the country. With their volume of Corvette sales it would make sense they have sold the most 3LT trim package C8 Corvettes.

Rick Corvette Conti mentioned YouTubers and special VIP customers will get their C8 Corvettes first and that’s why you are seeing some at 3000 status with production start dates on September¬† 19th, 2022. He also confirmed that there are constraints on the Z07 package and carbon fiber aero but that just means limited production so again its most likely you will see the first C8 Corvette Z06 produced have those options available to them especially the “VIP” customers Chevrolet and General Motors are choosing.

This means you are likely to see people like StreetSpeed717 and Emelia Hartford get the first C8 Corvette Z06s besides people like Rick Hendricks that bid over $4 million combined to charities at Barrett Jackson to get the first Convertible and Coupe C8 Corvette Z06.

Ciocca Corvette at MSRP

C8 Corvette Z06 Constraints

The memo also said the carbon fiber aero and Z07 package isn’t available. This is going to be a bummer for most people that have already been waiting years for this car. Especially since that package along with Carbon Fiber Wheels is what track enthusiasts really want. However, there are great aftermarket carbon fiber aero companies like Racing Sport Concepts that have a full C8 Corvette body aero kit and looks like a better anyway.

For example YouTubers like Speed Phenom that tracks his cars that has “put in an order” with a Chevy dealer in California to be first will have to decide does he want to be first or wait for the track focused package for example.

Another interesting thing about the 3LT package being a signal for dealers to get the most C8 Corvette Z06s could this be another way to limit flippers?

Most flippers want the most profit on their flips so typically they know even a 1LT or 2LT can get them the most profit with all the hype.

If a flipper has to choose a 3LT they won’t make as much profit on the flip so maybe this is another creative way Chevrolet and GM are using to limit and discourage flippers from getting these cars. Especially with them having to choose a 3LT with no aero package or Z07 options as well.

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