Youtubers Selling Their C8s for 20k-30k Profits! (Should You?)

If you watch automotive YouTube you might of noticed a trend that Chevy Dude noticed as well below in this video. He discusses how StreetSpeed717, Stradman, Cleetus and other YouTubers are selling their C8s for a nice 20-30k profit in most cases and how they are selling the C8s since its a business and hard to generate content when everyone is doing the same thing and the ECU isn’t unlocked.

For example, StreetSpeed717 rushed to get it Twin Turbo-ed, wrapped, rims, exhaust and then was offered $120k for his C8 3LT that he paid about 90k for. Also, he has another C8 on the way, the convertible C8 from Whitmoyer Chevy so he can use that profit towards his next one while waiting the next 3 to 4 months to get it.

Also, we covered the Stradman selling his Purple wrapped C8 funny enough to another YouTuber Chandler David Smith that does Financial and Real Estate focused YouTube content.

As a C8 owner as well hence the C8 Corvette Blog we built we have also thought about selling but there really is no alternative to this car and we are going to wait for the C8 Z06 instead in the 2022 model and end of 2021 year.

From the video:

All the famous YouTubers who bought C8’s are selling or have already sold their Corvettes. We know Cleetus stated he sold his for the freedom factory improvements. But is this the real reason? We discuss that and more in this video. Including if I a following the trend of listing mine for sale.

MASSIVE C8 Corvette MARK-UPS and Resale Values… How Long Will This Last?

Check out this video from Cars, Costs, and Technology as he discusses the recent C8 Corvette mark ups that have ranged from $5,000 to $35,000 on top of MSRP and why he thinks people are still paying them.

As we talked about before about C8 Corvette mark up and pricing its all supply and demand and some people in the market for a McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini are now looking at C8 Corvettes even with mark ups as a better value then these 150K+ cars go for.

C8 Corvette Ownership 4k Miles Later

Check out this video from YouTuber Brink of Speed explain how his first 4,000 miles in the new Mid Engine C8 Corvette has went from driving like a grandpa to doing many launch control launches and getting a 2.6 Zero to 60 time!

He explains overall his experience has been great and even the minor issues like door noise at higher highway speed was fixed pretty easily by his local Chevy Dealership.

Also if you like this video we have covered another YouTuber talk about his experience driving the C8 Corvette over 8,000 miles and the common myths or misconceptions about the C8 Corvette.

Everything You Wanted to Know About StreetSpeed717

If you love corvettes one person you have to follow on YouTube and Instagram is StreetSpeed717. StreetSpeed717 (Mike Hyssong (per road and track below)) built his channel because of his hard work, gopro skills, love of cars, and Corvettes!

He had one of the first Rapid Blue Wrapped C8 Corvette that just got Twin Turbos  by Late Model Racecraft but has had at least 4 or 5 corvettes prior including C5, C6, C7s, and now a C7 ZR1, and C6 ZR1.


StreetSpeed717 ZR1

Here is a video of StreetSpeed717’s 1000+ horsepower C7 ZR1 build he got done at Late Model Racecraft. Late Model Racecraft in Texas is StreetSpeed717’s go to performance shop for all his corvettes currently as a few other corvette performance shops  he used locally in Pennsylvania where he lives didn’t work out.

StreetSpeed717 Net Worth

Our educated guess with videos below from him showing many times how much he makes we will go with at least 2 million in net worth.

Based on StreetSpeed717 saying he makes about $80k on average per car giveaway with Inshane Designs, 30-50k per month from YouTube Ad revenues, and the ability to buy 5 to 6 cars at a time like it’s nothing including a Lamborghini Urus and a $800k+ Lamborghini Aventador we would guess it’s at least 2 million in net worth.

He recently went house hunting with his soon to be wife Gina as well and they also are buying a vacation house in the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Again he’s very transparent on YouTube and Instagram about all of this. As well as having a house custom built in the summer of 2022.

And now Mike and Gina have their own “Family style” vlog to gain even more YouTube ad revenue and other sponsorship or giveaway opportunities down the line along with diversification with StreetSpeed717’s income.

StreetSpeed717 Girlfriend, Fiancé, Wife Gina

StreetSpeed717’s girlfriend and soon to be wife is Gina Colada. Mike and Gina have a separate YouTube Channel and videos that show their life, vacations, family, dogs etc..

Gina Colada is the owner of “Frenchie’s Bakery” a play on their love for French bulldogs and bulldogs in general.

Gina has all of this on her Instagram profile.

street speed 717 girlfriend


View this post on Instagram


Ice cream before dinner is always a good idea 🤘

A post shared by @ gina.colada on

Mike StreetSpeed717 recently bought his girlfriend and soon to be wife Gina a Lamborghini Urus as well.

StreetSpeed717 C8 Corvette

StreetSpeed717 Mike was one of the first to get a C8 Corvette thanks to the hook up he has with his buddy Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevrolet. And he is set to be the first allocation for the C8 Corvette Z06 from Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevy as well.

As soon as order are allowed to hit the system the Beav has StreetSpeed717’s corvette C8 or any corvette order ready to hit good old Bowling Green Kentucky with some Pennsylvania Corvette order love.

Once Mike Streetspeed717 got his C8 Corvette with another YouTuber TJ Hunt he wrapped it Rapid Blue since Rapid Blue was a color that could of stopped him from getting his Corvette C8 so quick since it was one of those colors the Bowling Green, KY plant wasn’t going to do right away.

Here are some StreetSpeed717 C8 Corvette videos before he had it shipped to Late Model Racecraft in Texas for months on end getting Twin Turbos installed.

StreetSpeed717 Car Giveaways

Mike StreetSpeed717 has been on a tear with Car Giveaways with Inshane Designs. He noticed the trend with companies like Omaze, 80Eighty, and just social media influencers in general using Car Giveaways to make money, sell merch, and get more views, likes, comments and engagement on their social media profiles or YouTube Videos.

In several YouTube videos StreetSpeed717 mentioned he has made about $80,000 on a car giveaway after splitting it with Inshane Designs, paying for the car, and any expenses on mods they do to the car giveaway.

The car giveaways are a win win for StreetSpeed717 because it helps his channel, brand, and makes him another $50-80k per every 2 months or so which is usually the average car giveaway contest time. This is why we included this new revenue stream in his net worth above as well.

That adds another $250k-$500k easy to his net worth each year.

He also did a C8 Corvette giveaway that had some nice Carbon Fiber parts on it as well as Brixton Forge Wheels.

UPDATE: We Do What To StreetSpeed717’s Twin Turbo C8?!?!

Check out this video from Late Model Racecraft where they put StreetSpeed717’s back to stock for sale and removing the whole Twin Turbo system.

StreetSpeed717 JUMPS TRX and GETS fined $53,000

Per Road and Track:

In a York County, Pennsylvania court appearance on Tuesday, the YouTuber, Michael Hyssong, was ordered to pay $53,000 in restitution to repair damages done to the creek during his stunt driving in the video mentioned above, as well as several other videos published to his YouTube channel showing him driving the Ram through the creek.

“I had no idea it was illegal to drive through a creek,” Hyssong told the York Daily Record. “I’m an outdoors guy. I hike and I’ve never even littered in my life. I’m not the type to destroy natural resources.”

Hyssong was also accepted into Pennsylvania’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD), a “pre-trial diversion program for individuals with limited or no prior record” that focuses on community service, according to the official Chester County, Pennsylvania website. Should Hyssong complete the program within a year, his record will be wiped clean.

Per The Drive:

YouTuber Street Speed 717, whose real name is Mike Hyssong, has been posting videos of the TRX ever since purchasing the truck in January. In total, Hyssong posted nine videos of the TRX documenting its destruction and sale. It appears that selling the truck didn’t get him out of trouble with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, though, who caught wind of his viral videos as it readied charges against him related to his YouTube antics.

StreetSpeed717 Getting a C8 Corvette Z06

In this video Streetspeed717 goes to Landers McLarty Chevrolet in Alabama to order a second C8 Corvette Z06 and see one of the C8 Z06 Dealer tour cars.

Also, he checks in with Whitmoyer Chevy and talks to the Beav about his C8 Corvette Z06 with him which is their first order.

Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Dyno (Emelia Hartford C8)

The eagle has landed! Today we put the Twin Turbo C8 Corvette on the dyno to see what she is putting down!

Safe to say she is going to be scary with the power she is already putting down on this prototype setup!

Go follow Peitz Performance for my C8 Twin Turbo content or give them a call for any performance or tuning work!

More Emelia Hartford C8 Content here.

First Drive + Launching My Twin Turbo C8 Corvette! (Scared My Tuner)

Rob Ferretti (Super Speeders Rob) C8 Corvette Rental Damage!

Check out this YouTube Video by Rob Ferretti (Super Speeders Rob) gets the first real C8 Corvette Rental damage on the frunk or front hood.

He thinks people were being animals and standing on the hood. Who the heck is standing on the front hood or frunk of a C8 Corvette?

But wait there’s more! They damaged the A Pillar and probably took the Targa Top off and dropped it on the car.

Check out the full video to find out more about the damage on this C8 Corvette Rental.

Daily Driven Exotics (DDE) Adds Carbon Fiber to their C8 Corvette

Daily Driven Exotics got a carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber side skirts, and they ordered new Brixton Forged Wheels that should arrive in the next week or so. The wheels are LaFerrari inspired, motorsport inspired and knowing DDE are going to look sick!

Check out this video of their LaC8 (laferrari and C8 had a baby) to see what their new carbon fiber parts for the C8 Corvette look like!

General Motors Replaces C8 Corvette Engine in Less than 3 Weeks!

Recently, one of first 2,700 Corvette C8s had an engine blow up and seize from an engine rod bering. We reported on it a few weeks ago and have been updating the C8 engine post ever since.

In part 4 of the video below MidwestRide Jake on YouTube explains how fantastic the experience was with his local Chevy Dealer Friendly Chevy and the service advisor Gene.

Also, the engineers at GM were quick to have the engine pulled and replaced in less than 3 weeks and the car delivered back to Jake.

He shares how great the experience was and just goes to show the GM and Chevy brand is alive and well. He said at first he didn’t really want to share this even happened in the first place but the video happened initially with a big YouTube Tall Guy Reviews and he wasn’t sure if he would keep his C8 Corvette when it first happened.

However, after having an amazing experience with Friendly Chevrolet in Minnesota and the GM engineers in Detroit, MI he is going to keep it.

Not only did they give him a FREE engine which of course its under warranty they replaced the starter and fuse box as well and didn’t even have to. They also told him that the 500 mile break in is really for the DCT or dual clutch transmission so he should be good to go.

Lastly, another big point he makes is there is nothing close on the car market that can touch the C8 Corvette when it comes to value and even when he looked it was used older supercars like Ferrari and Mclaren that were still $135k an up and again nowhere close the value that the C8 Corvette provides. And for all the haters or whiners about “don’t buy a first run car blah blah blah” he has a message for them at the end since it really didn’t matter now did it? Guess they never heard of a warranty!

Check out the Video below for more details about MidwestRide Jake’s experience with General Motors, Chevrolet and his Corvette C8 engine getting replaced.