How To Install SpeedKore C8 Corvette Rocker Panel & Front Splitter Set

Check out this SpeedKore C8 Corvette tutorial that shows you how to install their carbon fiber Rocker Panel and Front Splitter Kits and set on your C8 Corvette.

Per SpeedKore:

SpeedKore Performance Group is proud to announce its latest carbon composite accessories for the all-new C8 Corvette. The new carbon front splitter and rocker panel set ads an exotic touch and more aggressive styling to your new mid-engine sports car. The new package from SpeedKore is sold as a complete kit and is not able to be separated. The kit is available with two available finishes, matte clear and gloss clear.

Freight not included.

Sales Tax ( where applicable) is not included.

Call or E-Mail to Order

262-421-8612 |

Borla Puts in Extensive R&D into their New C8 Corvette Exhaust

As the new C8 Corvette hits the market (2,700 so far and production starting again in June 2020) owners will be looking for Corvette C8 Exhaust options.

Sometimes being first isn’t always the best long term. A lot of Exhaust companies and or Corvette Performance shops are rushing to get their C8 Cat back or Catless exhaust systems to market and this can cause issues with heat, check engine lights or other unforseen issues with the new C8 ECU which currently as of this post has an encrypted ECU you can’t tune yet.

However, Borla is taking their time and testing temperatures and trying to avoid any of these issues. Check out the things are heating up in Borla’s R&D Shop! David Borla reveals the unique challenges of building an exhaust system for a high output mid-engine car like the C8 Corvette.

hings are heating up in Borla’s R&D Shop! David Borla reveals the unique challenges of building an exhaust system for a high output mid-engine car like the C8 Corvette.

UPDATE: April 2021 on Borla’s C8 Corvette Exhaust

Hear the exhaust that made 4-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Johnny O’Connell wonder why the C8 even comes with a stereo. Borla is finally giving an update on why it took so long for their C8 Corvette and what type of sound they were trying to achieve with this cat back exhaust.

Hennessey C8 Corvette Exhaust Launched with 20HP Gains

Dyno testing the Hennessey stainless steel exhaust upgrade system for the C8 Corvette. Gains 21 rear wheel HP and 19 rear wheel lb-ft torque and weighs 11 lbs less than factory exhaust system. This is the exact same Hennessey exhaust system, built in-house, that helped power their C8 Corvette they have been building and testing for their Twin Turbo kit.

Per Hennessey

The Hennessey C8 Corvette Exhaust system is a fully custom, in-house fabricated, turn-key exhaust setup made entirely out of T304 stainless steel. It provides a mild weight savings (10 lbs) and power gain (21 horsepower & 19 lb-ft torque) along with a massive sound upgrade. This is the most extensively tested aftermarket C8 exhaust in the world due to the extensive work HPE has put into it. From hours of road course testing as well as 205 MPH top-speed testing; this exhaust has been put to the limits and is ready for full-scale production.

The exhaust system will be shipping fully assembled and is a direct bolt-on to all 2020 – 2021 C8 Corvette Stingrays. Founder and CEO John Hennessey shared his vision for the exhaust, “The C8 Corvette is a phenomenal platform, we are doing what we do best; enhancing it and taking it to the next level. The Hennessey stainless steel exhaust adds power, lightness, and an overall improved visceral C8 Corvette driving experience.”

Hennessey Performance is set to offer a full range of C8 performance products and upgrades, including: light-weight wheel upgrades, CarbonAero carbon fiber components, full turn-key engine performance packages for increased power & performance, and more. Hennessey is only building 1000 units for the first year and each exhaust system comes with its own serial numbered certificate of authenticity. Further, Hennessey will offer a lifetime warranty for as long as the C8 owner has the system on their Corvette. Pricing is set at $3,495 plus shipping and the company is offering a special price of $2,995 for the first 100 orders placed.

The exhaust system can be ordered directly from Hennessey Performance by calling 979-885-1300 or by visiting here.




Updated September 16th, 2020

C8 EXHAUST INSTALLATION! | Hennessey C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade [UPDATED]

C8 Corvette vs. Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race

Chandler David Smith recently purchased The Stradman‘s Purple wrapped C8 and before heading back home they decided to drag race the C8 Corvette and the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Check out some of the runs they had although most of the races they couldn’t seem to get the launches timed perfectly.


On May 8, 2020, John Heinricy and the Stradman test drove a Hennessey-prepared 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray Z51 (rear spoiler removed) with 650 HP (Hennessey stainless steel exhaust upgrades & 135 HP Nitrous Express system – not twin turbo) to a top speed of 205.1 mph (confirmed by VBox GPS) at the Continental Tires Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas.

This is the first C8 Corvette to break the 200 mph mark. For more information please contact us: 979-885-1300 |

They also can convert your C8 to a 1,200 HP monster!

First Flat Plane Crank 2020 Corvette? Peitz Performance in Houston TX

Is Peitz Performance going to have the first Flat Plane Crank 2020 C8? Check out this YouTube video from Chevy Dude to learn more.

Alex with Peitz Performance in Houston, TX bought his shop a 2020 Corvette. He is ripping the engine out and putting in a flat plane crank instead of the LT2 that comes with the car. He is also the person doing the Twin Turbo build for Emelia Hartfords C8 Car.

C8 Zora Corvette Confirmed by GM Document

Hat tip to Paul at thedetroitbureau to discovering an internal GM document to confirm the 2025 C8 Corvette Zora that will have 1000 horsepower and rumored to be all wheel drive and hybrid assist.

This C8 will be a monster. If the C8 Z06 wasn’t enough at 650 HP and the C8 ZR1 that should be 850 HP corvette and GM are about to take the supercar and exotic car market by storm with the Corvette Zora C8.

Lamborghini, Mclaren, Ferrari should all be on alert!

Here’s what Paul discovered:

Named for Zora Arkus-Duntov, the legendary General Motors engineer widely known as “the father of the Corvette,” it’s destined to be the “ultimate” version of the new C8 mid-engined ‘Vette. The Zora will rely on a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain that will punch out a full 1,000 horsepower through all four wheels.


Among other things, the stop-work order confirmed that an assortment of other Corvette models are in the works, as was widely expected, including the traditional step-ladder upgrades, starting with the Z06 and then the ZR1.

The internal document, significantly, confirms what has repeatedly reported: Chevrolet will be turning to electrification to punch up Corvette’s performance.

That includes a Corvette Grand Sport originally due out in 2023 that was to pair the current Stingray’s 6.2-liter V-8 with a hybrid-boost system to deliver about 600 hp, or more than 100 ponies beyond what the track-rated C8 can manage.

But things will be pushed to the extreme with the Zora that, insiders indicate, will pull together an assortment of bells and whistles to get up to a full 1,000 hp. That starts with a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V-8 and at least one, and possibly even more, electric motors.

C8 Corvette Production Schedule LEAKED! (Z06 in 2022, ZR1 in 2024, ZORA 1000HP 2025!)

Hat tip to Jalopnik and Hagerty for sharing this info on the leaked Corvette C8 Production schedule that shows GM bringing us the C8 Z06 in 2022 and a 1000HP C8 in 2025 named “ZORA”!

Hagerty has gotten its hands on a supposedly leaked schedule of release dates for each upcoming trim of the new mid-engine C8 Chevy Corvette. It shows a range-topper is due to drop in 2025 as a 1,000 horsepower hybrid called the “Zora,” so that’s cool.

Here’s what’s on the document Hagerty claims to have come across:

c8 corvette schedule

Model Year, Engine, Power (est.)Torque (est.), Likely Application

2021LT2, 6.2-liter 16-valve OHV, 490-495 hp, 465-470 lb-ft, RHD Corvettes for export

2022LT6, 5.5-liter 32-valve DOHC, 650 hp, 600 lb-ft, Corvette Z06

2023LT2, 6.2-liter 16-valve OHV hybrid, 600 hp, 500 lb-ft, Corvette Grand Sport

2024LT7, 5.5-liter twin-turbo DOHC, 850 hp825 lb-ft, Corvette ZR1

2025LT7HP1, 5.5-liter twin-turbo DOHC hybrid, 1000 hp, 975 lb-ft, Corvette ZORA

So at the top we have your standard, current C8 Corvette. No real surprises with the Z06 or ZR1, though they both look like winners already. The big news is not just one, but two hybrid Corvette models. The Grand Sport comes two years before and about 400 horsepower shy of the second hybrid—the range-topping 1,000 HP model supposedly called the Zora.

If this document is a real leak, and if this outline stays true through to production (with possible covid-19 delays coming), then we got some early reports a little wrong about what motors went in which Corvettes.

Many reports believed the ZR1 would be the range-topper, as has been the case in the past, and assumed the high-performance hybrid gear would naturally go in that model. But it appears the Zora will be something new, so that’s fun.

Highest Priced Corvette C8 Now with only 2700 C8s out in the Wild!

Just checked,, and lastly Ebay and the HIGHEST Priced Corvette Midengine C8 is $225,000 with 1,200 HorsePower by Hennessey Performance!!

However, the highest priced non modified Corvette C8 is $159,880 on by Silicon Auto Group.

c8 corvette

With C8 corvette production halted at least until May and only 2,700 C8s produced prices are skyrocketing right now. On top of it we all know GM under-priced this car in comparison to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mclaren mid engine cars. Even the 2017 Acura NSX used is over 100k so for a starting price of $59,999 and most people going with the 2LT, 3LT and Z51 packages that take the new C8 to $70k-100k people are getting a steal for this car value wise.

Not surprised these C8s are going for so much are you?

2020 C8 Corvette is the BEST way to spend $60,000

Check out this 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Review by The Straight Pipes YouTube Channel.

his C8 Corvette review was filmed on the roads without the Z51 Package and on the track with the C8 Corvette Z51 package. The C8 Corvette is pumping out 495hp and 470lb-ft tq from a 6.2L V8. At $58,900, would this be your pick over the Porsche Cayman, Porsche Boxster, Toyota Supra, McLaren GT, McLaren 570S, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, Acura NSX?